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House Plant Tracker Care App

I created this house plant app after I got the bug and acquired a lot of indoor tropical house plants in a relatively short space of time (sound familiar?).

Feeling overwhelved by the different plants I'd brought home, I needed somewhere to list them as well as store different bits of care information and watering or fertilization dates. This also got me thinking that there may be others in the same situation who would appreciate such a care app.

House Plant Tracker will always be free in its current form. I may add more functionality in the future with a small fee but this will only be where I need to cover server or hosting costs for the app.

As well as the care app, I'm going to be adding articles to the blog which will hopefully serve as a good source of help and information for common house plants. From plant propagation to pests, best house plants to Monstera Deliciosa (swiss cheese plant) care tips, easy care house plants to hanging house plants!